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"Be Calm Within" refers to the profound sense of internal peace and safety that comes when we resolve the cause of stress and distress where it resides, in our subconscious mind and body.

Our therapeutic approach is inspired by Andy's 20-year journey to resolve the PTSD and anxiety he struggled with from childhood. We only use techniques that provide you with fast, effective, and safe ways to address the root causes of your emotional challenges.

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What people are saying!

“I’ve been working with Andy for the last 18 months, and his therapy has been life-changing. After many years of talk therapy with little change, this deeper level healing has helped me overcome deep-rooted trauma that has left me feeling happier, free-er and lighter!” Review from Google

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Arifa, 30s

“I came to Andy as I needed help with my divorce and it’s effects on my mental health, and after our sessions I felt like I’d had the ‘reset’ I’d needed… Andy created such a safe space to work in using the perfect mix of empathy, humour and clinical skills, it meant I felt comfortable to fully engage in the process and achieve excellent and lasting results. If you are considering booking sessions with Andy, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!” Review from Facebook

Catherine, 30s

“Working with Andy is amazing, his warm caring personality makes you feel at ease and safe.

Since experiencing TRTP i feel more confident in myself and my ability to communicate my emotions, I’m more receptive to feedback, have much less reactivity and can deal with things much more clearly than before when I was reacting a lot unknowingly from a hurt place. I can honestly say it changed my life and highly recommend it if you have some things you need to shift but don’t understand how to.” Review from Google

Sarah, 30s

“I have been dragging around old wounds and childhood issues /trauma my whole life and had pretty much tried every form of therapy.

Andy taught me how to let go and I couldn’t believe how easy it was I feel so grateful that he spent this time with me. I will be forever grateful for your help 🙏” Review from Google

Craig, 40s
Trauma & Anxiety

“I found that at the conclusion of my sessions with Andy, I was able to change my perspective on a distressing time of my life. Looking back at this time with the strategies that Andy introduced, encouraged me to be kinder to myself. It meant I stopped constantly thinking back on past and this allowed me to focus and enjoy the now with my wonderful family and friends.”

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Female, late 50s
Anxiety & Stress

“I recently had the incredible experience of working with “Be Calm Within” for hypnotherapy, and I can’t express how transformative it has been for me. The journey to clear out internalised trauma was nothing short of life-changing!

I found myself letting go of burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I now feel more centred, mindful, and present in the moment. If you’re seeking a positive and uplifting journey towards healing, I highly recommend Be Calm Within.” Review from Google

Jeremie, 40s
Trauma & Anxiety

“I have struggled with anxiety, PTSD and depression for many years. I tried many psychologists and the anxiety, PTSD and depression would raise it’s head again. When I met Andy for the first time I had very high anxiety and not enjoying anything that life had to offer.

Using the TRTP helped me deal with underlying and current issues. It felt great that Andy had my back all the way through the process. I have learnt alot about myself and I’m proud of where I am now.” Review from Google

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Sharon, 50s
PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

“I have done so much personal development work and trauma healing modalities…  but I feel like TRTP streamlines a lot of different effective elements from other systems into a cohesive and efficient method that gets the job done nicely.

Feeling less stressed, more present, less triggered, more calm… I feel like my body soul and mind complex are back on the road of life, feeling chipper and excited for the new horizons that Life brings. Thank you Andy!” Review from Google

Asher, early 30s
Anxiety & Stress

“You have helped my partner so much over the last couple of months, she has come a long way within herself & is holding a new lease on life. She also sees some things differently these days & generally is improving on a daily basis, still ongoing. Our relationship has also improved by miles.

You have achieved where others have failed in the past. For that, & your ongoing support & belief in her, I thank you.”

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Client’s partner
Anxiety & Stress

“It’s hard to describe in words the work that Andy does. His depth of experience, attentiveness and varied skill set, combined with his warm and compassionate approach, created for me an experience where internal shifts, that can be best described as extraordinary, profound and lasting, occurred.

Taking that first step to connect with Andy has proven to be one of the most significant things that I have done for myself in my lifetime.”

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John, 50s
Chronic Autonomic IIlness

“I had been suffering with anxiety and depression for around 8 months. After trying traditional CBT/ACT therapy, I did not feel I learned anything I didn’t already know. A friend recommended Andy, and from my first session, I felt things beginning to improve.

The process was fascinating and revealing, as though we had taken a scuba dive through myself and my past, re-contextualising key events and repairing broken connections. I recommend the TRTP method and particularly Andy.”

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Paul, 30s
Anxiety & Depression

“My son died in Nov 2023 and I was feeling lost, I can say now that during my first appointment with Andy I was like a little girl.

During my process, I started noticing improvements in my life and when the process finished I got back the control of my own life. I consider that the money I invested in myself during this process was one of the best investments of my life. Thank you Andy from the bottom of my heart” Review from Facebook

Ana, 30s